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Throw a whimsical party with your kids…just for giggles!

It’s summer (well, it’s almost over though) and we have exhausted almost every way to have fun!  I’m beat from trying so hard and also from the contrasting slow pace of summer too.  I’m trying to make things fun still until we stick our little toes over the school line in a week. One fun… Continue reading Throw a whimsical party with your kids…just for giggles!

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Summertime blue

Blueberry picking with my mini Berry picking with my little Willow Bug is in the top five of my favorite things to do together.  We talked all about what it takes to get a blueberry ready for the basket…planting, watering, growing, picking, sorting, washing…it’s a huge process. Since we play grocery store all the time,… Continue reading Summertime blue

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Lately…enjoying simple pleasures!

Let’s get to some simple fun on the central coast of CA, playful ideas, and tips for camping!  Now, most of my readers are not even in the United States, so please take what you can from our daily excursions as inspiration for things that might be near your home.  The point really is to… Continue reading Lately…enjoying simple pleasures!

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DIY Frozen Banana Pops

DIY FROZEN BANANA POPS Ingredients: Bananas Sprinkles Yogurt Chocolate chips Coconut shavings Parchment paper Baking sheets Popsicle sticks How to make them: Peel and cut your bananas in half Layout baking sheets and cover with parchment paper. Chop up your chocolate chips to make little shavings Place your toppings in bowls on the table Poke… Continue reading DIY Frozen Banana Pops

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DIY Boho Flower Crown

Spring Goes, Summer Comes The little darling, Spring, Has run away; The sunshine grew too hot for her to stay,  She kissed her sister, Summer,  And she said: “When I am gone, you must be queen instead.” Now reigns the Lady Summer, Round whose feet A thousand fairies flock with blossoms sweet. By: Cicely Mary… Continue reading DIY Boho Flower Crown

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Making Pet Rocks is wonderful for decorating your garden. Materials: Collect rounded and flat rocks Gather all your craft materials, scraps of leather, shells, pom poms, fabric swatches, etc. Eyes Mod Podge Acrylic paints – various colors – small sizes Paint brushes or sponge brushes Colored sand Glitter – various colors Elmer’s sparkly glue Drop… Continue reading DIY PET ROCKS WITH KIDS