Welcome to my lifestyle blog! I’m a Santa Barbara mama introducing my new venture: Willow & Wonder. Here I will highlight my new designs in decor, handmade children’s toys/accessories, and handcrafted women’s jewelry with a bohemian edge! I’m also keeping it local and discussing SAHM finance, style and beach girl fun in America’s Riviera!


The company Willow & Wonder sprung from a childhood dollhouse remodel for my daughter Willow Scarlett. The delights of lighting-up my child’s eye with newfound creations encouraged me onward. We laid the foundation for this concept together by collecting natural elements and playing with everything while we developed the products. These are memories I will cherish forever.

I also drew directly from make believe play growing up, when I would turn flower petals into ballgowns and twigs and rocks into people. This was something quintessential in my youth and having a sense of wonder was the most important ingredient. My family nickname is Wonder and also describes the way I live my life, in a constant state of Willow and Wonder.


This lifestyle blog draws from my background in jewelry design, display art, visual merchandising, and styling and synthesizes all of my interests.  Since having my daughter I have found a new level of passion for designing for children.  Which is why you will find I will be blogging countless posts about doll house remodels and designs!

My blog touches on many DIY creations in that vein, that are easy to make and inspiring.  I happen to be a penny pincher and fancy finding smart ways to spend and take care of my family.  And I have a strong interest in making food from scratch to save and eat healthier.

My husband, daughter and I live in Santa Barbara, CA and have had to make drastic lifestyle changes to be comfortable in such a high-end town.  I hope to foster creativity in others and help them to achieve their goals, whether it be to be a stay-home mom, make things more affordable or to find a healthier way of life.  I welcome you to Willow & Wonder.  Salut et Bisous!!!

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