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HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE, friends!!!

For me a holiday isn’t a holiday without a headdress or whimsical 👑.  I know, I just have to adorn myself and family in order to feel inspired.

I ❤ finding ways to NOT go to the craft store everytime I want to make something.  Craft store doesn’t = creativity, it actually = spending a lot for things you probably already had at home.  Of course, once in awhile you have to get materials, but more often than not, you are already sitting on a craft stash and just don’t know it.

I challenge you to go around your house, check the kids art station, the scrap bin, old party supplies, junk drawers, etc. to find something to work with.  I’m sure you can round-up some materials that would make for a fun craft.

I laid it all out on the table and started to let my creativity sour.  What could I make with all my goodies?  We came up with these and maybe later we will add some 2019 stamping or coloring to remember what year it was in pictures!

Oh, and fill the room with leftover party balloons, that instantly sets the stage.  We are also going to take our ornaments off the tree and make a New Years tree.  So tinsel, tinsel garlands, 2019 signs, sparkles!  Stars!  Let’s get creative and make it a fun photo op!


Cheers to 2019!!  Salut!! Make this your year.  Your BEST year!  Goal setting and perseverance…that’s where the success stems from!  I believe it.  What are you doing for new years?


1.  Fur tree embellished with adhesive Christmas designs, strands of pearls, paint, and shells.  Glue the fur to a cone shape paper mache cone or a thick cone made of cardstock -homemade.

2. New year’s 👑, we used an old headband and glued some pom poms to it, glued a thick unicorn eyelash cupcake wrapper to it, cut a blower to make it a charm, cut a straw in 8 pieces and fed in a few connected pipecleaners in gold to make a 🌟, glued on some rindstones and accordianed some streamer paper to the back to cover-up loose ends!

3. I made an elephant card with a color sample card from the hardware paint section, fanned some crepe streamer paper and glued an elephant ear type pattern, the balloon is the trunk, glued on some eyes and rindstones.  Cover the back with glue stick and craft paper to write something special.

4.  My little sugarplum fairy made a Minnie headband with a bow cut from an old Minnie party favor box, rindstones from Santa’s stocking, an old headband and heart stickers from Valentine’s day last year.

5.  Thank you cards for Christmas.  We used the same color swatches from the hardware store, and ✂ out cute shapes and kitties and snowflakes from leftover Christmas wrapping paper.  We covered the other side with craft paper where we will write a nice note.  This is going into our belated Christmas cards which say: “it’s a wonderful life” instead of Merry Christmas (that way it can be late! And I get my cards on nice card stock from Costco every year and I am so happy with them everytime for quality and price!!)

Have fun creating magical whimsy!!!  These are things to keep forever!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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