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Throw a whimsical party with your kids…just for giggles!

It’s summer (well, it’s almost over though) and we have exhausted almost every way to have fun!  I’m beat from trying so hard and also from the contrasting slow pace of summer too.  I’m trying to make things fun still until we stick our little toes over the school line in a week.

One fun thing we did this week to change things up was throwing a little whimsical impromptu party for giggles.  Yup, making wacky party hats, designing a dress with my old muscle tee and drinking banana shakes with leftover birthday Princess Celestia straws!


Here’s how:

1) Get out all your craft stuff – lay it all over the floor or craft table.  Make a mess with it (it’s better for a crazy craft session).

2) Get out some simple party hats to embellish.  I had moss, roses from the rose garden, and a pom pom topper.  My daughter had stickers, and paper flowers.  Hot glue everything on and staple the flowers around the base.  Always be mindful of sharp edges and where they would fall on your forehead.  Glue something over the sharp edges if need be.

3) Pick out an old tee that would be a dress for your child to embellish as a NEW dress of their own design.  I had her place everything on it as she liked and I hot glued everything in the same spot later.  Do it on a flat surface.

4) Make a special drink.  We did banana shakes which is just my easy way of getting her to drink lots of milk without all the sugar.  Works like a charm every time.


1 banana

1 cup milk

5 ice cubes

Blend and it makes a frothy goodness instantly and it’s healthy!  Pop a cute paper straw in it and a fancy glass and you’ve got something special.  Maybe top with chopped fruit.  Salut.


5) Play in your party attire, drink your special drinks and jump in a sprinkler.  Take silly pictures.  Whatever feels like a wacky whimsical party just for giggles!  And change up an old game by using toys instead of gingerbread men.  It makes it fresh and exciting for littles.  LOL


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