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Reworking your home decor with what you already have!

0604181313b-010604181246c0604181234This was a fun project today.  I really needed to beautify my bathroom.  I’m girly, what can I say!  I needed a place that would inspire a soak in a milk bath with orange slices and rose petals.

Luckily, I have roses growing all over my yard and they just so happen to be glorious ones.  All you need for this project is a mirror to cover with washi tape and fresh roses. I used the gold glitter washi.  My husband’s response “oh yay, now I can live at the Madonna Inn.”  My favorite hotel and yes, mama likes pink and gold a lot.

I figure when they dry I can dab them with some paint to give them life again or add in a bunch of fake ones too!  I’m not sure how long the washi tape will hold so if you want it to stay, you will need to hot glue subtly under the stems and washi tape.

This was a fun way to turn my bathroom into a luxurious Vogue home on a dime!  Just cut a stem about 5 or 6 inches long.  Cut a 3 inch piece of washi and tape it around the flower overlapping the stems.  Try to have the fuller ones on the bottom and push down hard on the tape.  Glue as needed.0604181234a

And then there’s a faux fireplace type look for my console table.  I have always loved how this looked.  I made some new floral arrangements for this and laid down my 300 dollar scarf that I really can’t wear anymore because my cat put so many holes in it without me knowing it.  Crying emoji goes here!  Anyways, I would never part with it so here it is being repurposed.

I plan to wrap lots of white xmas lights in and out of the logs to make it really glow soon.

0604181830a0604181831c0604181831 Again, free!  This is birch wood that is leftover from the removal of my dead tree out back.  Sad for the birch but good for us.  I also got many stump chairs and side tables for my patio from this wonderful tree.  I plan to paint the tops of the stump tables gold.

My daughter and I went collecting in the pile today and snatched up lots of white birch for craft projects.  Gotta love it!  The xmas lights look like fire at night.  This is also fun in a bundle in the middle of a fire pit sans the need to refill and clean it out for a real fire.

Happy nesting!

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