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Gardening with little green thumbs


There you have it…the simplest activity to keep a toddler occupied and happy equals gardening.  Kids love dirt, they want to shuffle little pots around, they want to poke holes in dirt piles and water them endlessly with a watering can.  So, start planting seedlings with them, get them excited for results and then everyday they can be responsible for watering them and caring for them.  If you’re a real green thumb, they may just be able to actually pick a tomato from the vine later on down the road.

Apparently, you can grow a seedling well at my house but not the entire garden.  It is one of my new years resolutions to grow a veggie garden.  Pretty soon we will get to it when it warms up around here.  I am interested in doing several half wine barrels for the bed.  I’ll report back to you.

What you need:

Seed starter pots

Little tot gardening gloves

Or Minnie Gardening Gloves

Veggie seeds

Germination mix or potting soil

Squirt bottle


Plastic wrap

The pots are dirt cheap and get lots because the little ones want to rearrange them constantly and spend a good hour just stacking them, etc.  I also have a really fun fairy making idea for these so stay-tuned.  Get a bowl for the dirt if working inside, it was a bit too cold that day to be outside.  It’s fun to have gardening gloves but you don’t need them.  Germination mix would be best or regular potting soil did it for us.  That’s it…for creating the simplest earthy project for a sense of wonder about nature, and seeing how food grows, and maybe even for a bite to eat.


What to do:

We filled them up 3/4 full with dirt, packed it down, poked two holes for the seeds and dropped two little seeds into the holes.  Then lightly covered them up and pressed down gently.  Once they are all filled we watered them with a squirt bottle or a watering can.  We wrap them with plastic wrap and placed above the fridge for a week or two.  My little squirted them with water each day.  We now have little sprouting tomato seedlings; we will let them grow-up a bit before transferring them to a pot!  So simple and enjoyable for little green thumbs.

Potting Succulents:



And sometimes you just gotta hangout in a mushroom house in the great outdoors!


Be sure to massage the roots to help separate them before you place them in the pot.


Fill your pot 3/4 full with potting soil and place your succulent selections on top.  Make a little cluster or succulents tightly positioned in the pot.  Fill in any gaps with extra soil with your trowel.  Then cover them with a light layer of soil and firmly press it on top.  Select some special shells or shards of clay to surround the succulents to keep in moisture.0821171038a0821171037b

Always pack your soil down firmly – Willow loves this part.  It’s a good step to get your kids active in their potting project.


Best part by far is taking a trip to the local nursery.  Let them explore all around seeing all the different types of plants.  Talk about where they are from, how they smell, what the landscapes would need to be like to grow such organic matter.  How would they thrive?  Then let them select some special small succulents to get started and pots if you don’t have any to use at home.


Now my succulents are doing great not like my veggies.  It really is a simple concept of planting a seed or succulent and watering it to watch it grow.  That’s it.  I will work diligently now on my veggie garden!  Enjoy letting your little one get a bit dirty, get some nice fresh air and sunshine while he/she explores the art of growing veggies and plants.

One splendid book that I highly recommend reading while you do this project is: Miss Maple’s Seeds

The Tiny Seed book

This Little Pal’s Junior Garden Kit is a must have!  For boys and girls in blue and pink.  So adorable and nice for them to have size appropriate tools.

Easter Basket Filler Idea:

This is inspiring me to make her Easter basket more about spring than bunnies totally.  I’d like to put some gardening essentials in there.

Floral gloves

Seedling pots

Selection of flower seeds

Radish, carrot and lettuce seeds – kinda like bunny food

Gardening tools for tots!!!

Watering can

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate marketer and will be paid commission by Amazon if you purchase a product from my links. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link and by doing so you make it possible in the future to offer you free products and discounts. I have not used every product recommended but have used most of them, and have read all of the reviews. Thank you in advance for your support!





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