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DIY Wizard of Oz Costuming, the joy of doing a classic family Halloween costume, and Halloween party treats!


I must admit this was the best Halloween as a family yet!  Stephen turned into the real Scarecrow with the loose wobbly walk of the Scarecrow who was pinned-up for too long.  I transformed into a magical good witch at heart and Willow skipped around like Dorothy.  This was our first trick or treat in the country.   We were so excited to start Willow’s trick or treat rituals in the little town we will raise her in.

I have to admit that it’s a bit hilarious posting about Halloween when we are about ten days from Christmas.  But I needed to get this into the archives and I didn’t want to neglect it because it was indeed our best Halloween.  Since Dorothy’s ruby slipper ornament was the first on our tree it sort of ties us into Christmas, right?  Biting my nails.

It was the most incredible trick or treating we’ve ever done.  The darling country homes, little village and efforts people put into decorating and creating a curbside party was over the top.  But mostly, my favorite thing was how much time we as a family put into the celebration, and how much fun we were having in our family-themed new roles.  We literally spent 5 hours cleaning and carving all of our pumpkins.  We started at 7am.  Next year, note to self: do all of your carving the day before Halloween!

So, whenever I start getting ready for Halloween I make a strong effort to narrow down what we are doing in September and try to get the toddler costume quickly, since they sell out fast and become expensive to order online later on.  However, a toddler is impossible to narrow down that early so I suggest doing a plan A and plan B instead.

This year I wanted to hand make her costume since for me that is more special than store bought.  I made her a pillowcase pumpkin costume and I actually got out the sewing machine and watched Martha Stewart on repeat and some other video, (this one was fabulous, but I have to say I had to pause it a million times to keep up with it.  LOL) to narrow down how to do it generally and then I whipped up my own version.  Typical!  I just can’t follow a pattern without wanting to change it.

So, Willow was over the costume immediately.  I think I fell for this same exact situation the year before too but I didn’t make it or buy it but I spent countless hours looking for the perfect pumpkin.  I can’t remember how we decided on the Wizard of OZ.  Maybe moving to the country spurred it on.  Willow had a ball being Dorothy but I still think she would of had more fun being Poppy the troll or a colorful My Little Pony.  But she does love the Wizard of Oz and since I’ve caught her singing as we walk “Follow the yellow brick road…” and pretending her toys are getting stuck in a tornado.

I was really wanting to be Glinda, the good witch.  I love pink, I love a good witch and I knew we could pull off having a ball in a family costume such as this.  It was the hardest costume I have ever taken on.  I couldn’t find anything even close to the look at thrift stores and the online ones looked silly to me.  I almost gave up until my mother found a used wedding gown and petticoat with a hoop.  Willow and I Rit dyed it pink together.


Mama’s little helper was apart of it all except when I spray painted the whole thing with glitter spray.  I used a gold and a silver and aired it out every afternoon for like a week (you must).  I bought a Glinda crown and embellished it with round and teardrop rhinestones and I glued them to my silver and gold star wand.  I bought some fancy half clear shoes at the local thrift and painted them carnation pink and added a hot glued pink tulle poof to the toe.  The wedding dress didn’t totally fit me so I sewed on ribbon ties in the back and tied bows.

I purchased these accessories to help pull off being the good witch.  Her crown.  I purchased some round and teardrop rind stones with adhesive backs from Walmart to embellish the crown.  I covered every silver details with the rind stones until I ran out.  It really made it look cool and only cost another 2 bucks to embellish it.  I also pressed the hat with a book for about a week to get the bend out of it from shipping.  This crown made my costume.  Without it I think it would of been hard to fully comprehend who I was.  And the wand.

And the SHOES


The creation of Glinda was pure bliss.  And I got to wear my crazy pink lipstick that I can’t get away with on a normal day!  I now call it my “Glinda” lipstick.


Here’s a little shout out to my mama here.  She’s the behind the scene whiz kid, the one that found the bridal gown and hoop and figured out these sleeves.  She also just saved my whole living room carpet since I had an undetected leak under my tree and it nearly ruined my whole living room.  But again, this little magic fairy mother of mine swooped in and saved the day!  Think of the people in your lives for a second that do this for you.  Like a fairy godmother type and send them some kisses right now.  Sorry, this is such a tangent!

I found some half clear vintage pumps at the local thrift store.  I was thrilled, even though you can’t see Glinda’s feet you can certainly imagine she would have a clear shoe.  I painted them pink, like cotton candy pink, and it did feel a little wrong painting a vintage pump.  I glued some tulle to the ugly charm on the front and voila for $6, I had a fabulous good witch shoe that wasn’t too impractical for trick or treating with my little one.  I plan to save this whole costume for Willow to wear when she is older.


Let’s talk Dorothy.  This was actually the first ornament that Willow wanted to put on the tree.  She was so into the story of the Wizard of Oz.  A couple years ago her Auntie M bought her the shoes, the stuffed animals, and the books.  She became quite intrigued by the story and the ideas of a tornado.  I was in love with her costume.  It had rind stones on it which really helped it to pop and stand out.  The lace was a kinda cute added detail.  She wore ruby slippers with white fold down ruffle socks which I liked better than blue socks, personally.  I recommend getting a pair of flats so your child’s feet will be comfortable for trick or treating.  Here is a link to her Dorothy costume! And Toto basket!IMG_1373

The Scarecrow costume was a fun one.  My husband transformed into the scarecrow immediately upon putting on his straw accessories and felt hat.  It didn’t take much to make his costume shine.  I rolled a pair of his jeans and measured some cream fabric around the hem.  I hot glued them to make a circle that could be pulled up over the roll and safety pinned on.

Once the fit was right I hot glued the hay to it.  I did the same for cuffs to push up into his sleeves, so one for each wrist.  And cut some felt patches that I safety pinned to his jeans.  The Scarecrow had on long strip of hay on his chest, I safety pinned it to a forest green thermal and cut the extra cream fabric around his face to make a hole.  We draped the rest over his head and shoulders and brought it in with a rope double knotted.  The whole point was to keep all of his regular clothes in perfect condition and to not be uncomfortable in the hay.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The felt hat was done with 2 yards of felt from Walmart.  I made a cone the size of my husband’s head and hot glued it closed when it was the right size for him.  I drew a circle around the base and then drew a three inch brim line around that circle.  I cut it out and cut the center out, too.  I then hot glued the cone to the brim with a clean outer line.  I wrapped some messy twisted green burlap around the whole hat and hot glued it on.  I put two darts in the hat to rough it up a bit and make it fit more snug.  We got some brown face paint for his nose and pushed some hay into the bottom of the hat.


Halloween Treats & balloon toy favors for a party! 

Making dirt pudding was such a fun one.  I have lots of private pictures of friends eating worms with dirt all over their faces – they prefer I don’t share!  he he.  Making dirt with a rolling pin was kinda fun and salty seeds – a must do.  Monster munch was also fun, skip the salt on the pop.  I recommend using really small toys in the balloons – a little hard to stuff.  And my friend suggested if you over buy on candy, use your candy for Christmas gingerbread houses!!! 

“We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz…”









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