DIY Magical Children’s Crown

This was a gift we made for a little sprout emerging in the world last September.  It was so special showing up with a handmade card and a little crown, to crown the newborn with.  I highly recommend gifting these to add special charm to an occasion.


A paper crown with attached elastic neckband.

Tulle – no glitter tulle (it gets everywhere)

Tiny paper flat flowers from Michael’s Craft

Pom Pom trim

Felt in pink and White

Hot glue


  1. Cover the whole paper base with a rectangle of felt.  Cut the felt the full height of the crown and diameter of it.  Do one strip for the inside and one for the outside.  Hot glue on.  Make sure if the hot glue is showing through the cream felt to not hot glue the front section that is visible in the center.
  2. Trim it down to just cover the curves of the crown.  Glue it’s edges nicely to make it a finished base.
  3. glue a strip of pom pom trim across the front. 4-6″ max
  4. Cut two clam-like shapes of pink felt about 3″ at the bottom and fanning up to about 4″.
  5. Glue about a 4×6″ piece of tripled tulle to the sides.  Push it together to sort of pleat it.  Roughly glue this on sides.  Make sure the tulle sticks up high above the crown.
  6. Cover the tulle, pleat and glue the pink clam shapes to the sides.  Glue these securely to sides and secure the tulle in place.
  7. Trim the tulle so it’s edges are nice without jagged edges.  Make sure it is glued in tight and extends high and fanned outward at the top.
  8. Glue individually all of the flat white paper flowers to the front and back side in the pattern seen above.
  9. If your crown has seams you don’t like or glue areas that show through use strips of felt to cover them up inside and use flowers too to help disguise flaws.  A peppering of flowers always looks good as long as it’s not just one.  So use the 3 or 5 rule.  I like those numbers for random detailing, makes it a lot less random!

That’s it.  You have a sweet little crown to gift and I might just add that if you enclose it in a precious little box, it will shine even brighter.  Happy gifting!


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