Letters to my daughter

I have been writing in journals since I became pregnant.  I write everything down and have around six journals now jam-packed with content that is more precious than any other possession I own.  But recently I thought it would be nice to write special letters to my daughter and husband.  I’d like to cover them with special found objects and dried flowers and glitter.  Lots of glitter and slip them into the journals for Willow’s future or tie them with special yarn and ribbons or put in a special box for safe keeping.

I’m very old fashioned and still have a pen pal.   Some letters will be about her current growth or recent achievements and some will be poems and more sentimental.  Be sure to date them and sign them with pretty handwritten touches!  I may even buy stationary for the actual letter or burn edges on pretty papers.

I painted these envelopes with just quick brushstrokes and covered them while wet with glitter, and glued on some flowers.  I plan to put the shells inside and the rose petals.  I’d like to get lavender and rosemary to stuff them with, too.  I’m feeling inspired to paint one pale blue with sail boats, and stuff with tiny driftwood and a sea poem.  This would be great since we spend so much time at the seashore.  This project really inspires sentimentality and will be cherished when your child grows up.

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