Floral Hair Clips for a Fairyesque Look!

My daughter and I love wildflowers and any sort of adornment for our hair, that involves throwing a flower into our locks.  I especially love haute couture and would like to wear an entire floral arrangement on my head, but we needed something for everyday use.  This is just a simple comb that we glued some flowers to, but it actually looks really nice.  Gather your materials: glue sticks, glue gun, variety of paper flowers, ribbon and comb hair pin.

How-to guide:

  1. We clipped the wires off of the flowers and glued them on the top of the comb.
  2. Measure out the ribbon for the inside and cut an exact length to cover the whole top of the backside.  Glue this in place.

Voila you have a darling floral hair clip which could be the very beginning of making tons of these with many different materials, i.e. feathers, and velvet ribbons, huge flowers and bows.  You name it, get crafty and start dressing like a whimsical fairy with a little glitter eye shadow.  I heart this look.  It’s romantic and an easy way to dress-up an outfit or give it instant style.


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